Help Save Lives in 2024 – Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Looking for a New Year’s resolution that will change your life and the lives of others? Whether you are seeking a positive way to spend time or train for a career in the emergency-services field, volunteering at Deptford Fire Department is the perfect resolution for you. Take the next steps toward joining your local fire company by filling out a no-obligation inquiry form on the department’s website,

“There are many ways you can help protect our community,” said Chairman Michael White. “No experience is necessary to volunteer at Deptford Fire Department.” 

Whether the emergency call comes in for a home fire or vehicle rescue, the department provides its volunteers the necessary training and equipment to properly respond. Volunteers receive local and state-certified training while gaining skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork and time management.

Here are the ways you can become a member of Deptford Fire Department:

  • Firefighter
    Head into burning buildings and battle the flames as a Deptford Township firefighter. This role requires state Firefighter 1 certification, but all training and equipment is provided free of cost.
  • Junior Member (ages 16-17)
    Develop the skills necessary to become a full-fledged firefighter, responding to incidents under supervision and serving the community.
  • Cadet (ages 14-15)

Make long-lasting friendships, learn techniques and skills by participating in drill nights, and prepare to become a junior firefighter at age 16.

  • Canteen 
    Provide rehabilitation services to not only our members, but to firefighters all over Gloucester County, at the scene of major incidents as a member of our Rehab Unit.
  • Fire Police 
    Assist with traffic and crowd control at the scene of fires and motor vehicle crashes.

“Our volunteers come from all different backgrounds,” said Volunteer Fire Chief Richard Thomas. “It’s a great way to meet new people and network.”

Volunteering opens doors to potential career opportunities in the emergency services field and beyond. It’s a way to build relationships with experienced, diverse individuals as well as boost your resume. With a total 1,400 calls in 2023 and expected growth in 2024, you can gain invaluable hands-on experience while serving your community.

“We hope our number of volunteers increase to support our growing number of calls,” said Thomas. “Change your life by saving lives in 2024 and volunteer with Deptford Fire Department.” 

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