The Deptford Fire District was created in 1966 when eight individual companies—some going back as far as 1911—were merged under a township council ordinance to secure stable funding for firefighting. In 2000, the district was divided into four battalions serving Deptford Township. 

Deptford Township, located in Gloucester County, New Jersey, is home to approximately 30,000 people. It includes both residential and rural areas as well as industrial and commercial districts, including several major shopping centers.

Today, the Deptford Fire Department responds to around 1,400 calls a year, including fires in residential and commercial buildings and accidents on roads and highways. Members are given comprehensive training, and the department’s cutting-edge gear and apparatus ensures a quick, effective response.

The department is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners, which provides funding for the township fire district through taxation. We have achieved a Public Protection Rating of "3" from the Insurance Services Office (ISO).