Deptford Fire Department Honors Three Generations of Volunteers for Father’s Day

 Kenneth Glass Junior didn’t know he was starting a family tradition when he joined Deptford Fire Department in 2010. A little over nine years later, his father, Kenneth Glass Senior signed up as an administrative member and his son, Kenneth Glass III, he joined as a cadet when he turned 12 years old. 

“I joined five years ago as an administrative volunteer, but I’ve been a fire police for about two years now,” said Kenneth Sr.

Kenneth Sr. worried his medical conditions, two heart attacks and diabetes, would prevent him from volunteering at his local fire company. Although he can’t volunteer as a firefighter, he found other ways to help. 

“I wanted to do something more with my spare time so I started off as an associate member, helping with paper work and fundraisers,” said Kenneth Sr. “Soon after I realized my health wouldn’t affect becoming fire police.”

Fire police assist on emergency scenes to direct traffic and guard the frontline emergency responders. It’s one of the many opportunities at Deptford Fire Department. His grandson Kenneth III started volunteering at 12 years old as a cadet and now at 16, he is a junior firefighter.

“Volunteering as a cadet is really helpful because we learn where the proper tools are, how to handle them and who to give them too at a young age,” said Kenneth III. 

Although cadets don’t go on emergency calls, they participate in trainings to prepare to become junior firefighters. Junior firefighters ride on the trucks to emergency calls and assist with exterior firefighting tasks such as changing air packs, running hose lines and supplying equipment for interior firefighters.  

“Junior firefighting prepares us to become active firefighters at age 18,” said Kenneth III. “I look up to my dad as an active interior firefighter because he always knows exactly what to do and remains calm amidst the chaos.” 

Kenneth Jr. agrees, the cadet program and junior firefighting are great ways to get a head start and learn life-saving skills at an early age.

“My son is at the prime age where he’s eager to learn and wants to jump right in to help,” said Kenneth Jr. “I’m excited to run calls with him in the future.”

Although all of the Glass’s have different positions, they come together to serve their community.

“Volunteering is a lot of team work, it teaches you new skills and it’s fun when we can all get together,” said Kenneth Sr.

Regardless of blood, they all agree the fire department feels like a second family. They attend community events together such as Christmas parties, picnics and fundraisers. 

Residents looking to make new friends and find a second family while giving back to the community can join the Deptford Fire Department. No experience is necessary to join. The department provides its members the training and gear they need to safely answer the call. Regardless of their background, volunteers can help by driving the trucks, assisting on a vehicle rescue scene or fire call, directing traffic as a fire police or help with administrative tasks such as organizing fundraisers. 

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