Board of Fire Commissioners Public Meeting 1/3/2023

On 1/3/2023 Frank Battaglia was promoted to Career Battalion Chief. Frank became a career firefighter at Deptford Fire Department on Oct. 2, 2000 and rose through the ranks as Lieutenant, Captain and now Chief.

Congratulations Frank! Our department looks forward to working with you as a Career Battalion Chief.

At the same meeting, Deptford firefighter Zachary Flannery was honored with a “Life Saving” certificate for saving a life on December 17, 2023. Zachery, off duty and eating dinner with his family, saw a man unable to breathe and choking.  Without hesitation, Zachary approached the man to render aid.  He used abdominal thrusts to successfully clear the man’s airway, which allowed the man to breathe again and saved his life.