Battalions of The Deptford Fire Department

New Sharon Volunteer Fire Company History: 1912 to 1979

Chief line officers of the New Sharon Fire Company in 1979 were
Fire Assistant Chief Vince Leo, Chief Dennis Cooney, and Second Assistant Chief Joe Nass.

The New Sharon Volunteer Fire Company Number One of Deptford Township was formally incorporated in 1912 following a merger with the Friendship Fire co. of New Sharon.

The first vehicle purchased by the company was a Chevrolet chemical truck in 1927. this piece of equipment was supplemented by a Ford chemical truck which was purchased in 1929.

The company, which is one of eight firefighting units in Deptford, joined the Gloucester County Firemen's association in 1915, the year after it was formed.

In 1930, the company continued to upgrade its equipment by purchasing a Brockway truck from a local resident and converting it into a tank truck. A Mack tanker, which could hold as much as 1,000 gallons of water, was purchased during the late 1940's.

The 1950's saw the addition of an Autocar holding 2,000 gallons of water and a Mack pumper which was purchased from the Woodbury Fire Department.

Until the creation of the township fire commission in 1966, each fire company would raise its own funds for its equipment. Under the commission arrangement, each company receives a rental fee plus funds for new equipment whenever it is deemed necessary.

In 1967, the company acquired a 1,000 gallon per minute (gpm) pumper which was designated "961".

The Deptford Township Fire Commission purchased a 1250 gpm pumper in 1971 which was designated "962". "965", a four-wheel drive Ford field truck was purchased by the commission in 1978.

Presently, the company's firehouse is located at 831 South Delsea Drive alongside Egg Harbor Road. This building was originally built by the members of the fire company and township residents in 1925.

Major renovations have taken place since the firehouse was constructed. the present engine room was added in the early 1950s, as was the brick front of the building.

A meeting room, which holds 75 people and is also equipped with a kitchen, has been added on to the building. The company's present engine room measure 40 feet by 70 feet.

The company membership consisted of about 40 persons in 1979, and was one of the companies in Gloucester County that had women in its membership.

Members of the company's executive committee in 1979 were: Howard C. McKinley, Jr. (president), Jackie Hollywood (vice president) Carol McKinley (secretary) and Joe Nass (secretary).

Line officers of the company were: Dennis Cooney (chief), Vince Leo (first assistant chief) and Joe Nass (second assistant chief).

The company was responsible for covering all the territory bordered by Delsea Drive, Blackwood-Sewell Road, Woodbury-Glassboro Road and Cattell Road in Deptford.

Located in this area of the township are such major structures as Gloucester County College, the county vocational school, Monagahelia Junior High School, New Sharon School, Pinecrest Nursing Home and the Tall Pines Inn.

Plans the fire company included an active membership drive as well as continuous training for its members in the newest methods of firefighting. The company also continued to take an active roll in the education of the community for the prevention of fires.

"As we strive to protect, we will strive to prevent," a representative of the company said.