Histories of the Deptford Fire Department and its Volunteer Fire Companies

History of the Deptford Fire District- 1966

The Deptford Fire Department, as it is organized today, is a relatively new organization. It is the combination of eight volunteer fire companies that were organized as follows:

1. Almonesson Lake Fire Company (1911)

2. New Sharon Fire Company (1912)

3. Union Fire Company, Blackwood Terrace (1915)

4. Jericho Fire Company (1921)

5. Helping Hand Fire Co., North Woodbury (1922)

6. Tacoma Fire Company, Westville Grove (1923)

7. Community Fire Company, Lake Tract (1926)

8. Oak Valley Fire Company (1956)

These companies were individual volunteer firefighting units for most of their histories. In 1966, the companies, through the Deptford Township Firemen's Association, were successful in having a Fire District formed by an ordinance of the Deptford Township Council. This provided a stable source of funding by way of taxation, similar to a School District.

The formation of the Deptford Fire District provided that the Board of Fire Commissioners would now be responsible for providing fire protection for the Township. The Fire District took over the purchasing of all apparatus and firefighting equipment. This relieved the volunteer companies of the burden of raising funds for these items, however, they still needed to raise funds to operate the fire stations, which were owned by the individual companies.

In 1982, the first four career firefighters were hired by the Fire District to supplement the number of volunteers available during the daytime hours. Over the years, this number has grown to include 15 firefighters, 1 mechanic, a Chief of Department, a Fire Marshal, a Deputy Fire Marshal, a Fire Inspector and a Secretary.

In 2000, the eight fire companies were consolidated into four (4) Battalions, each under the command of a Battalion Chief. The stations, now known by their geographic locations (i.e. Cooper Street Station) were commanded by a Captain and up to two Lieutenants. The current organization is as follows:


  • Princeton Blvd. Station (Oak Valley)


  • Tacoma Blvd. Station (Tacoma)
  • Fisher Street Station (Helping Hand)


  • Cooper Street Station (Almonesson)
  • Good Intent Road Station (Union)


  • Delsea Drive Station (New Sharon)
  • Mail Avenue Station (Jericho)
  • Tanyard Road Station (Community)